Citroen BX GTI Hurricane

1992 BX GTI 1.9 litre 8 valve engine
Just under 101,000 miles
Tax until end July 06
MOT until 26 July 06
Some service history

The Good

This 1992 registered BX is in good condition and drives very well. It is a late model BX with the Hurricane body kit which I think still looks good today. It's got all the usual features of the model, electric windows, sunroof, central locking, alloy wheels etc. The car also has a towbar with eletrics and I also have a roofrack too.

I bought it as a winter car from my uncle who himself bought it from Dory's Garage in Sway who I'd highly recommend as Citroen specialists. A recent service by them shows no major problems other than those listed below. The ride is up to the usual BX quality and it has a fair turn of speed too from the 1.9 GTI engine. I'm selling the car now the weather has improved and I have gone back to using my MX-5.

The car is unmodified apart from the addition of some speakers on the rear parcel shelf which I had from my old diesel BX from a few years ago. The wiring can easily be switched back to use the normal rear speakers but you'd need a new parcel shelf if you wanted to remove them completely. The speakers can be unplugged easily though when you need to fold down the back seats. The standard radio/cassette player is present, and it comes with the 6 speaker package of two rears, two fronts in the doors and tweeters on the dashboard.

I have fitted 4 new Dunlop Sport tyres when I first purchased the car last year so there's plenty of life left in them.

The Bad

For a car of its age the paintwork is in good condition, a few chips here and there and the odd scratch to the bumpers. There is a small cigarette burn on the drivers seat. The speedo has developed the usual wobblies under about 40 miles per hour and some of the lights behind the rev counter have broken. The middle section of the exhaust (front silencer) is getting a bit weak.

The Ugly

There are a couple of problems that need fixing:

The Low Down

The fact is I really need to sell this car on to someone as soon as possible since it's costing me Tax and insurance. I can't bring myself to take it to someone who'll scrap it but if needs must in a few weeks time I might have to consider it. Therefore any reasonable offers are considered! I live in Farnham, Surrey and work away at High Wycombe during the week days, but given the state of the radiator I don't really want to drive it around at the moment so if you'd like to view the car the weekend's are best.

Contact Me

If you are interested please get in touch with me, Simon, either via email or call me on 07813 836487.